Samyak rehabilitation center Pune

A Place where you will feel like home

At Samyak, we believe in treating with care. We use latest tools and techniques available to help you overcome your disorders and help you find your way back to health and happiness. Our staff is expert at creating a personalized program that combines clinical, medical and psychological care to address your problems and disorders.

Our main advantage is the availability of psychiatrists 24 hours a day. Our team works round the clock and is trained specifically in handling patients with various psychological disorders and addicts and alcoholics. They are complemented by other visiting staff of counselors and medical officers.

Mental illnesses are still looked upon as a stigma in the society, be it schizophrenia, any kind of mood disorder or addiction to a substance. The simple fact that everybody can see and make out very easily where such a patient exists is that family is always the last one to accept it. This is the outcome of the dishonorable nature of the disease. It brings shame to the family because it is a source of amusement to the general public. It drains the family of their patience, finances and most importantly peace of mind.

Fighting mental illnesses and society at the same time is a lot of strenuous work. We at SAMYAK offer you an option where you will be guided, supported and counseled at every stage of your struggle.

We try to enrich your experience by treating your patient, to make it a task that costs less and gains more in terms of satisfaction.

SAMYAK, as it is named, stands for a balanced mind and body. That is what we hope to achieve when we think of recovery from any kind of mental illness. What we mean by Balance is ‘Samayojan’.

The name ‘SAMYAK’ means ‘Balance’ or ‘Samayojan’. This is an effort to distribute the burden you carry in such a way so as to make it weightless.

We aim to help you through the tedious process of treatment. We understand that it is also a great strain. It drains you of your patience and many other things.

Our efforts is to bring about recovery in totality through education and spreading awareness about these menaces in Society.

  • Dr. Rupali Karwa Choudhary
  • Dr. Dnyanraj Choudhary
  • Dr. Zainab Lokhandwala
  • Dr. Vijaya Goyal
  • General physician
  • Dermatologist
  • Gynecologist
  • Surgeon
  • Neurologist
  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Experienced Counselor
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Residential and nonresidential Social Workers
  • Trainees and Students
  • Nursing Staff
  • Home Nurse
  • Male and Female Attendants
  • Volunteers.

There are general wards, semiprivate rooms and private rooms as per the patient’s requirement with proper ventilation sunlight and a good security.

  • Food: Good food is very essential to maintain good health so we decided to keep our own pantry. Food timing is strictly followed.
  • Tea: served three times a day.
  • Breakfast: we maintain the variety every day.
  • Meals: typical Indian food is a given with feast twice a week which includes sweets and other dishes. Apart from this patient is provided outside food as per demand.
  • Afternoon Snacks: Tea with biscuits and snacks.
  • Daycare zone: A spacious Daycare zone is available where all the counseling sessions and activities are taken throughout the day.
  • Counseling cabins: Separate counseling cabins are available where individual therapies and family meetings are conducted.
  • Gymnasium : Paid gymnasium is available.
  • Library.
  • General Store.
  • Sports and activities.
  • Television.
  • Picnics and Outings.
  • Swimming Pool.
  1. 24 hours Psychiatrists
  2. Medical management of patients with mental illness
  3. Management of withdrawal of alcohol and other drugs
  4. Acute care
  5. Rehabilitation
  6. Daily Group therapies
  7. Individual counseling
  8. Family therapy and counseling
  9. Motivational interviewing
  10. Motivational enhancement techniques
  11. Relapse prevention program
  12. Confrontation session
  13. Reading and writing sessions
  14. Insight oriented psychotherapy
  15. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  16. Relaxation therapy
  17. Marital therapy
  18. Counseling for Childhood behavioral problems
  19. Group Sharing
  20. Pre-discharge counseling
  21. Meetings for relatives and caretakers
  22. Follow up meetings
  23. Support group Meetings
  24. Vocational and Occupational training
  25. Social skills training
  26. Yoga and meditation
  27. Play therapy
  28. Art and Craft
  29. Art based and Drama therapy
  30. Music and dance
  31. Self-help group
  32. Awareness programs
  33. Cultural programs
  34. Free counseling
  35. Computer Training

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