Patients with both manic and depressive episodes or patients with manic episodes alone are said to have bipolar disorder. Patients with elevated mood demonstrate expensiveness, a flight of ideas, decreased sleep and grandiose ideas.

Phobia is a strong and persistent fear of an object or situation in which embarrassment can occur. An acute intense attack of anxiety accompanied by the feeling of impending doom is a panic disorder.

OCD is represented by the diverse group of symptoms that include intrusive thoughts, rituals, preoccupations, and compulsions. An obsession is a mental event and compulsion is a recurrent behavior in its response.

It is a condition marked by the development of symptoms after exposure to traumatic life events in the form of flashbacks, fear and helplessness after reminding the event repeatedly.

Sleep dysfunctions occur in virtually all psychiatric illnesses Psycho-Somatic Conditions (Somatoform disorder, Hypochondrias, Dissociative disorders)-

These are the conditions where physical manifestations are the result of underlying psychological conflicts

Personality Disorders

This is the enduring subjective experiences and behavior that deviate from cultural standards, are rigidly pervasive, have an onset in early adulthood and lead to unhappiness and impairment.

Some More Treatments..

It is the disturbance in the subjective sense of pleasure or desire or in the objective performance while performing the sexual act.

Autism is impaired reciprocal social interaction, aberrant language and restricted, repetitive pattern of behavior.

Mental retardation is deficits in cognitive abilities as well as in behavior required for social and personal sufficiency, known as adaptive functioning

It is the emotional response to a stressful event with depressed mood with disturbance of emotions and conduct.

It is the disturbance of body image leading to self-induced starvation.

Rebellious kids, bedwetting, problems concentrating, tics, ADHD.