Addiction is the dependency on alcohol and other drugs which affects the individual, bio-psycho-socially.

Addiction is a Bio-Psycho-Social disease which affects the patient, his family and anyone who is emotionally close to him.

Any person who is hereditarily predisposed and environmentally exposed to addictive substances becomes addicted to an addictive substance.

When a person does not follow a proper routine, is absent from home or work for long periods, locks himself up in his room and avoids interacting with the family, prefers to keep his own company, cannot manage in the money he gets, is found to lie very often, is moody or aggressive is definitely using some addictive substance. You may also find hidden bottles, syringes, foils and chillums.

Yes. Addiction is a disease and needs treatment.

The treatment may be either on OPD basis or they may need admission. If admitted the treatment includes
• Managing withdrawals and detoxification.
• Other medical management including delirium
• Rehabilitation
• 12 steps of Alcoholic Anonymous
• Group therapy and counseling
• Various other techniques like confrontation, drama therapy, aversion therapy etc.
• Psychiatric medicine to manage underlying behavioral disturbances and anti-craving agents.

The treatment recommended by us is of at least for 3-6 months duration. But if the patient has severe physical, psychological or personality problems he may need a longer stay.

With appropriate treatment, therapy and counseling measures sobriety can be maintained for a longer period.

They need admission when they are into the second phase of the disease, where their health is at stake or they have become a threat to society or self.

Yes. The family definitely plays an important role in the treatment of addiction. They need to understand the disease and learn ways to deal with addiction. They need to undergo family therapy and counseling.

Yes. There is a specific routine at the center and adherence to this is strictly monitored.